Coast to Coast (118) - A walk through Times Square in New York


Times Square in New York

First thing, and after having breakfast at the motel where we stayed during our Boston visit, we went to New York, where we arrive at noon on this new day of our coast to coast travel in the United States.

The first thing was to do the check-in in the hotel, very central, on 7th Avenue, in front of the Madison Square Garden.

The chief doorman (super chief, I would say) of the hotel, Jesus, who speaks Spanish, makes it easy for us to park the car, helps us with our luggage, as well as watching him while we check in.

Finally, with the room already awarded, after giving the relevant tip to Jesus, we headed to return the car to the place previously selected for the drop off. Once we deliver it without any problem, we walk through the area and have lunch in a pub Irish, where the food turned out to be regular and expensive. From there we returned to the hotel.

Skyscrapers in Manhattan in New York

Already back, we found that, compared to fabulous motel rooms We had been enjoying it for almost a couple months, the hotel room was very disappointing. Apart from that in New Yorkthe accommodations are very expensive, our room was small, with two single beds and no table to place the computer. or where to leave things.

The TV cabinet was tall, but worst of all, there was no Wifi in the rooms, so our daily routines to connect with the world, to upload photos, etc. They left with a breath.

It is true that in the selection process and New York hotel reservation we find really high prices, and in our desire to select a central and cheap hotel, I imagine that I ended up selecting the simplest room possible. And that the price per night was 175 dollars!

In addition, as a reference, this hotel is a 3/4 star that uses a large number of Spanish travel agencies to accommodate its customers.

Curious corner of New York

We asked again if that Wifi It was really like that, despite being a New York hotel in the 21st century, and yes, it was. The only place where there was Wifi It was in the reception hall, so to connect, we had to do it sitting on a sofa, without even a table, and also paying! A fairly slow connection. It was a great shock !!

But we don't demoralize, much less; For more than 50 years we had traveled without internet, and we should be able to continue that way. We will get it!!

Little by little we were assuming the harsh reality, and we decided to alternate the payment of Wifi in the hotel and the connection in the hall, with free internet access in a McDonald's very closely.

Already in relation to our New York visitSurely you know that it is the most populous city in the United States of America. Distributed in five major areas (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island), our intention was to focus on Manhattan, with a brief visit to Brooklyn.

Manhattan skyscrapers in New York

In the "city ​​that never sleeps“More than 8.4 million New Yorkers live together and almost 170 languages ​​are spoken, with more than a third of its population born outside the United States.

After resting at the hotel, we decided to walk to Times Square. It is a very important intersection of Manhattan, located at the corner of the Broadway Avenue and the Seventh Avenue.

Like the Red Square in Moscow, Trafalgar Square in London or Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Times Square has become a world icon and symbol of New York City. with its characteristic animation and bright advertising.

It is, along with the New York Central Park, the metropolitan area of ​​the United States that has appeared most in movies and television programs. And the Broadway theaters and the huge number of neon signs, have turned Time Square into an emblematic point of New York, and a symbol of Manhattan urbanism.

Typical New York Limousine


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Currently Times Square It has been transformed into a pedestrian plaza, where pedestrians can sit in chairs located on the road. It is an experiment of the town hall to decongest the area and give a more human touch to the square. The measure was in testing period coinciding with our visit, and depending on the experience, it was expected that the pedestrianization would be permanent.

We were walking for a while in the area, to finally end up sitting on a red staircase. From there we could appreciate the great mess that in general is New York, and this place in particular.

A lot of people, from very different ethnic groups, a lot of entertainment, a lot of neon, a lot of theaters, a lot of police both on foot, by car or on horseback. You have the feeling of being in the middle of a very urban world, in the middle of human life.

From there we went to the hotel, where we had dinner in the room and to sleep, a long day of sightseeing awaited us.