A photographic walk through Las Vegas hotels


Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

One of the most amazing places you can visit in a travel through the western United States it is without a doubt, Las Vegas.

And I have to admit that when I planned my trip with a tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles, passing through the main national parks of the interior, I doubted whether to include Las Vegas in the route.

Las Vegas It is an “artificial” city, a true theme park dedicated to games and leisure created since the 40s of the last century in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

After visit Las Vegas My conclusion is that it is worth not to miss the opportunity to see this curious city where I anticipate that you will "hallucinate" with its spectacular hotels.

Well, indeed, the Las Vegas visit focuses on a walk along its great main avenue known as Las Vegas Strip where they happen their huge casino-hotels, in one of which you must stay.

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  • Las Vegas Best Photos

Las Vegas Best Photos

To get an idea of ​​the atmosphere that is lived in that city of Nevada and as they are some of its best known and spectacular hotels, here you have a selection with the best photos of Las Vegas.

Paris Hotel

One of the most spectacular Las Vegas hotels is the Paris hotel, inside which you will find a commercial area with a decoration that will undoubtedly transfer you to the French capital.

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Venice Hotel

If there is a really amazing hotel in Las Vegas that is the Venice hotel, where you will see a decoration that emulates the atmosphere of the famous Italian city where there are no missing channels ... so you can navigate !!

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas


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Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

Stratosphere Hotel

This Las Vegas hotel is characterized by its great 350 meters high tower in whose upper part are the highest attractions in the world.

Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas

New York Hotel

In Las Vegas you can not miss a hotel that emulates the New York skyscrapers.

New York Hotel in Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel

One of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, which has been the scene of various films, is the hotel Bellagio with the famous show of water and light that can be seen every night in its outdoor fountains.

Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Hotel

He hotel Mandalay Bay It will transfer you with its decoration to the most exotic Asian countries.

Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas

MGM Hotel

He hotel MGM It is another exponent of the cinematographic spirit that surrounds a city such as Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Hotels

Luxor Hotel

In Las Vegas you also find a corner dedicated to Egyptian pyramids, in particular with the pyramid-shaped structure the Luxor hotel, accompanied by an emulation of the Sphinx of Gizeh.

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Excalibur Hotel

The world of children's fantasy also has an exponent in the hotel Excalibur, with its decoration as if it were a castle with its colorful towers.

Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas