75 best places to see on the West Coast of the United States


Grand Canyon of the Colorado

A trip to the west coast of the United States It is undoubtedly a unique experience, in which places are never known that you can never forget

You will be able to visit cities with many movie locations, such as The Angels, San Francisco or Las Vegas, or the most impressive landscapes you can enjoy in the United States.

They are numerous National Parks that you can include in your route, from the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and theMonument Valley until Yosemite or Yellowstone, you can even know a stretch of the famous Route 66.

San Francisco Golden Gate Suspension Bridge

But when organizing a West Coast route You may have many doubts.

This is a trip in which you must travel large areas of territory, and it is essential to make a good planning and know how to prioritize. because it is impossible to see everything you would like in a single 15-day trip.

This article is written with the idea of ​​orientating everything you need to know to be able to select the places to include in your trip.

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  • How to prepare a route along the West Coast
  • What to see on the West Coast route
  • What to see from Seattle to San Francisco
  • What to see and do in California
  • San Francisco
  • Route San Francisco to Los Angeles through California
  • Route along the coast of San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • The Angels
  • Route San Francisco to Las Vegas by Yosemite
  • Route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas
  • From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado
  • Grand Canyon of the Colorado
  • National Parks Route in Utah

How to prepare a route along the West Coast

After several trips along the west coast of the United States, we have been learning that although it is a very easy trip to make, if the aforementioned planning is basic.

Views of Los Angeles from Griffith Park

First of all, in order to travel to the United States you have to take into account various factors related to the security requirements that are required to allow you to access the country, such as complete the ESTA form.

In this respect these will be useful to you tips for a trip on the West Coast. in which we also guide on how to organize the trip on your own.

We are also talking about one of the countries in the world where it is easier to make a travel by car, for what you should consider these driving tips in the United States.

What to see on the West Coast route

In order to plan your trip, there are hundreds of points of interest in such a vast territory, with an impressive nature and amazing cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

And elaborate an article like this in which all the United States West Coast is not easy.

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

That's why we will organize the most of 200 articles published in Travel Guides on the West Coast, from north to south, depending on the visits that can be made in each section, and to make it very easy to find the information you need.

Thus, depending on the section you plan to travel, you can see all the places that are essential to visit, as well as other alternatives.

These sites are arranged in the sense in which the complete route would be made leaving from the north end in Seattle, which is the least known and frequented area, as far south as The Angels.

Once you reach Los Angeles at the southern end of the coast, we include the extension to Las Vegas, with sections of the Route 66 , to get to Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

And from there, other national parks of the interior like Monument Valley, and other places of interest, such as Sedona or authentic ghost towns from West.

In general, the northwest corner of the United States is a much less visited area than the rest of the country and that is why we wanted to include it in one of our trips.

Skyscrapers in downtown Seattle in Washington state


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Washington and Oregon they are the two most northwest states, not counting Alaska, and from where the West Coast route If you want to make it complete.

Eye, don't confuse the Washington state located on the west coast of the country, of the city of Washington, in the East Coast, the capital of this great nation, and place where itsPresident and the Federal government.

Both states historically were one, and it must be recognized that they have quite similarities since a geological curiosity determines their climate.

A mountainous system crosses them both states dividing them in two from north to south, with a very humid climate in the western end, with frequent rains and full of waterfalls, while the eastern side is the opposite.

These are the greenest areas in the country, and they have some of the most liberal laws in the United States.

Although both states are very similar, once the visits you realize that Oregon it's like the little brother of Washington, with a similar lifestyle, but with smaller cities in general, but still maintaining a special charm.

Space Needle Tower in Seattle in Washington State


The two most important cities to visit are Seattle in the states of Washington and Portland in Oregon; Both are very clean and maintained, with forests and rivers surrounding them.

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The city ofSeattle It has as one of its main attractionsclimb the Space Needle Tower, from where you enjoy the best panoramic views of the city.

Here is the practical information for visit the Space Needle.


And refering toPortland, is considered as the Green City, and as a curiosity, the series of The Simpson It is set in it.

Oregon Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

The main attractions of both states are in their imposing nature, with their natural reserves and two huge mountains, Mount rainer and Mount hood.

But if there are two visits that we recommend one hundred percent are the Multnomah falls near Portland, where you can see green landscapes with great waterfalls.

Crater lake

And above all, Crater lake In Oregon, a beautiful lake that occupies the crater an ancient volcano inside a natural park with huge trees and deer-plagued.

One of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.

Aerial views of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Cannon beach

Another natural scenario to highlight in Oregon is Cannon beach, known as the goonies beach.

An hour and a half from Portland, this natural enclave is famous for the rocky pinnacles that rise in the sea very close to the beach.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is not really within a West Coast route The location of this national park is already much more inland.

But this is not an obstacle for many tourists who take advantage of a trip to the west of the country to make an extension flying to Jackson hole for visit yellowtone.

And rightly since the volcanic activity of the area creates some of the most spectacular natural events in the world.

Norris Geiser Basin in Yellowstone @Photo: Pepa Lozano

In this national park of great geysers where they walk freely bisons, springs are created with unique colors, such as those known as Mammoth Hot Springs, or the great park geyser, Old faithful.

It is also the home of the famous Yogui bear and his partner Bu Bu.

Here we leave you some useful Tips for visiting Yellowstone.

What to see and do in California

California It is one of the most populous states in the United States, here are some of the most important cities in North America, as it is Saint Franciscor.

Territory where some of the best wines of the country are produced, it is an enormous extension, mild climate and warm temperatures, in California some of the beaches and cities that we have all seen in the movies are located.

Places like himGolden gateHollywoodSaint Barbara or the immenseredwood forests of movies like the Planet of the Apes, are some of the attractions of the region.

San Francisco Tram

San Francisco

For many San Francisco It is the most beautiful city in the world; whether or not, what no one can doubt is that the visitor is fascinated, and with the certainty that he will return.

San Francisco slopes

Tour those awesome streets with steep slopes uploaded on a traditional tram, or see the beautiful Victorian houses European style, it is a postcard that everyone would like to live.

Golden Gate in San Francisco

But the thing is not there, since in San Francisco The iconic suspension bridge is located Golden gate or the famous Alcatraz prison. both places in the great bay that faces the residential city of Sausalito.

In the same city of San Francisco is the Castro neighborhood, an emblem of the freedom of the 60s, where the main social advances of the country took place.

Sea lions at Pier 39 pier in San Francisco

He lived here Harvey milk, who in 1977 was the first person declared openly homosexual, elected to a public office in the United States, and who was murdered only one year later.

Here we leave you these articles with the best places to see and visit in San Francisco, as well as the 8 things to do in San Francisco.

Excursions in San Francisco

We also propose thebest tours and guided tours in San Francisco and the excursions to do near San Francisco.

Route San Francisco to Los Angeles through California

To make the journey that joins the two main cities, from the tourist point of view, off the coast of California, there are two alternative routes You will have to choose.

Well along the coast, touring enclaves like the Monterrey Bay, he Big sur orSaint Barbara, or inside, visiting the national parks ofYosemite or Redwoods.

Giant sequoia in Maripose Grove in Yosemite

You will actually have to choose between two types of landscape; the interior where you can see mountain landscapes and large redwood forests, or the route along the coast with cliffs and the famous Californian sun.

Here are detailed information about what are giant sequoia trees and where to see them in California.

Although it is true that both routes could be mixed in some sections, a lot of time is lost if you cross from one to another.

In one of our trips we were going down through the interior and due to some fires in the forests of California, something that usually happens every summer, they diverted us and we lost almost a day having to change the initial route.

We are going to explain to you what you can see in each way to facilitate your choice.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite It's one of the most important national parks in the United States and that more tourists attract every year.

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California

In this nature reserve is where some of the impressive are locatedforests of huge sequoia trees among green landscapes, as well as the great rocky promontory of Captain, the main attraction of the park.

Also places like Toulunme Meadows on the route of Tioga Road.

Of course, if you plan to make the trip in winter, you must know what are the Yosemite areas and roads closed for the harsh winter.

Here we leave all the information you need to know, from the Tips for visiting Yosemite National Park, to what are the essential visits in Yosemite.

Sequoia National Park

Another national park that you can meet in the interior of California is that of Secouyas, where is the huge sequoia known as General Sherman.

Giant sequoia General Sherman in Sequoia National Park @Fotor: Salvador Samaranch

As a curiosity I will tell you that in this national park there are bears in freedom, so you must be warned.

Excursion from San Francisco to Yosemite

On your trip to the western United States, you can also consider taking advantage of your stay in San Francisco to get to know Yosemite Park.

If you do not have a car on your trip, this information about the Yosemite tour from San Francisco, which allows you to make a quick visit of this national park in one day.

Route along the coast of San Francisco to Los Angeles

The Monterrey Bay It is the perfect stop on a route along the west coast.

Monterrey Bay

In this coastal area you can meet several interesting places, such as the pretty townCarmel by the Sea and beautiful cliffs of Big sur During the tour, they undoubtedly form the classic West Coast experience.

Carmel by the Sea in California

There are several stops you can make on this route, both forsee sea lions in the natural landscape 17 Mile Drive, or even to make aexcursion to see dolphins or whales.

Big Sur cliffs

In the coastal route to Los Angeles you must travel a long stretch of cliffs known as Big sur.

At the end of this tour you will reach the lookout point Ragged Point Vista, from where you have good views of the Big Sur cliffs, and very close you will pass by the Piedras Blancas beach, another place where you can see sea lions.

Hearst Castle

On the road to Los Angeles it is very worthwhile to make a stop at the Hearst Castle, what was the extravagant mansion of the great tycoon of the tabloid press, William Randolph Hearst.

It's really like a theme park where you will see several mansions with mix of architectural styles which were built in the first half of the fifteenth century by this famous character who starred Marlon Brandon in his most famous movie, Citizen Kane.

Hearst Castle in California

Here you have practical information for visit Hearst Castle.

Saint Barbara

About 150 kilometers before reaching Los Angeles you can visit the historic Santa Barbara city.

In addition to its enclaves of the colonial era, such as the Santa Barbara Mission or the Victorian buildings, Santa Barbara is very visited by its spectacular beach.

If you are in Los Angeles and you want to visit this city, here you have information about the excursion to Santa Barbara on a full day, which includes the visit of the Camarillo Premium Outlet.

Santa Ynez Valley

Near Santa Barbara you can spend a day of wine tourism visiting the Santa Ynez Valley wineries.

Courthouse in Santa Barbara in California

If you prefer, you can sign up for a excursion to the Santa Ynez Valley organized by a tourism agency, and thus deepen the knowledge of the famous Californian wine.

Also in this valley of winemaking tradition you have the opportunity to meet a Danish-style town.

Here you can know the curious story of Solvang, and how is it that the Danes settled in this area of ​​California.

The Angels

The Angels is the city of cinema par excellence, with the Hollywood walk of fame As a great icon. and just for this reason your visit becomes essential on a route through the western United States.

Hollywood in Los Angeles

It is in the aforementioned Hall of Fame where can you see the famous artist stars on the sidewalk as well as the hand and foot prints of artists in front of Grauman Chinese Theater.

Artists stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

But Hollywood Boulervard It has other famous cinematic corners, such as Dolby Theater, long known as Kodak Theater, where the Oscar awards.

Or the hugehollywood poster We've all seen in hundreds of movies.

Universal Studios in Los Angeles

As not in Los Angeles, one of the theme parks most famous in the world, Universal Hollywood Studios, located next to the original film studios and with all its attractions inspired by movie films.

Griffith Observatory

On your visit to Los Angeles I advise you to climb the mountain next to the city.

Specifically, to the enclave of Griffith Observatory, an astronomical observatory located above the height of Hollywood, from where you have the best Panoramic views from the huge California city.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills in Los Angeles

Tourism related to cinema is so important that there are tourists who sign up for tours and excursions that walk the streets of the luxurious neighborhood of Beverly hills, with its huge palm trees and famous mansions, to know where your favorite artists reside.

In this neighborhood, the complex of luxury brand stores known as Rodeo Drive.

Santa Monica and Malibu beaches

But Los Angeles is a mainly coastal city, with great beaches in different parts of its county, with the classic ones Beachwatch booths, its iconic Santa Monica Pier, wave Malibu beach.

Visualizing the landscapes of Los Angeles is very easy since its streets have come out in hundreds of movies, but living it is an even better experience.

A fantastic beach environment in which unlike many states in the United States, people take care of themselves and play sports in the streets.

Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles

Here we leave all the information you need to know with the