Tips for organizing a West Coast route


Monument Valley on the west coast of the United States

The West Coast of the United StatesIt is one of the favorite destinations among those who like to travel the world.

And when in doubt if it is more convenient to organize the trip yourself or hire an organized trip, I can assure you that the United States West Coast It is one of the areas of the world where it will be easier to make a travel on your own.

During your trip you will find highways and roads in excellent condition, as well as a incredible offer of hotels and motelswith a Great value for the price.

Golden Gate Suspension Bridge in San Francisco Bay

And the wide availability of restaurants, with a great gastronomic variety and at very affordable prices, propitiate thatmake the trip on your own be a pleasure and an adventure that you enjoy.

Besides that is not an obstacle so that in your trip you can join several guided tours in Spanish that allow you to make very specific visits.

Now at plan the trip route, the United States West Coast It offers us such attractions, it is important to take into account some previous considerations, always from the maximum number of days you will be able to dedicate to the trip.

Next, I will detail some tips that will be useful for you whenplan your route along the west coast.

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  • Budget for a trip along the West Coast
  • How to choose Travel Insurance to the United States
  • How to organize a route along the West Coast
  • Rent a car in the United States
  • Driving tips for the United States
  • Road motels on the west coast route
  • National Parks Annual Pass
  • Tours in Spanish on the West Coast
  • Essential visits for a first trip

Prerequisites for traveling to the United States

Before traveling it is important to consider these requirements without which you will not be allowed to enter the country.

Universal Studios of Los Angeles

Visas and permits required to travel to the United States

For travel to the United States it is essential that you complete the ESTA form, document in which you give your data and prove that you only go on tourism, in addition to informing of possible medical, psychological or police records.

After paying a fee, within a few days you will receive an email confirming your approval, and from that moment you can enter the country without needing renew the ESTA Until two years later.

He ESTA form It is completed online and they will ask you at the airport customs upon arrival in the United States, and without it you will not be able to access it.

It is also important that you know if you need the Redress Number, requirement of the one here information to know if you need it.

Budget for a trip along the West Coast

The budget is a basic part when traveling, especially if you make a route where many and varied expenses are expected.

Western Town in Seligman, on Route 66 of Arizona

Specifically, important expenses to consider when planning your budget is the rental car, hotels or tickets to various attractions and national parks.

We are finalizing a specific article in which we tell you everything you need to know when making your own budget for a route along the West Coast of the United States.

How to choose Travel Insurance to the United States

Something very important that you should keep in mind, do not travel to the United States without have hired a good travel insurance, with the necessary coverage considering that medical assistance in that country is especially expensive.

The costs of medical care in this country can be exorbitant, to such an extent that it can reach tens of thousands of euros.

There are many variants to take into account, so we leave you here this article in which we guide you on the travel insurance to the United States.

Landscapes of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona


Are you organizing your trip to the United States? Don't go without hire your travel insurance first, and here we explain why. If you hire him with us, you have a 5% discount.

How to organize a route along the West Coast

Atrip to the west coast of the United StatesNowadays it is affordable for a good part of travel lovers, but it is not like, for example, flying to London, easy to repeat.

Therefore, it is necessary to define previously if the important thing isvisit as many places as possible, or if you consider it a trip you can repeat, which will allow youfocus on some area, leaving other visits for a later trip.

Where to start the West Coast route

First of all, thewest coast route will be conditioned by the flight option You have hired.

Specifically, if the return flight you must take it from the same city to which you have arrived, or if you do it from another city.

Yosemite National Park in California

For plan the route, is not the same as, for example, you reach the west coast by San Francisco and you have to take the flight back from the same city, or that the return you start from The Angels, Las Vegasor, for example, Phoenixin Arizona.

This will condition you to make a route circular or one route linear, with the advantages and disadvantages that this has.

Circular route along the West Coast

To the plan a route circular, in some cases it will allow you to better cover certain areas of interest, but instead it can condition you not to "get away" too much from your arrival and departure city from your flights on the west coast.

Book hotel for your trip on

For example, if you start your trip in San Francisco, and from that city you must take the flight back, to go to Las Vegas you can make the trip inside, by Yosemite and other national parks, and back, you can pass by The Angels and subsequently, travel the coast to San Francisco.

Attractions at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles

Of course, if you have a few days, you may also be interested in catching a flight from, for example, Las Vegas to San Francisco, as internal flights can be very cheap.

Linear route along the West Coast

If instead you plan a linear routeWith different cities on arrival and return flights, you can go to more distant areas of interest on the west coast.

For example, if you arrive in San Francisco, you could plan the route in a north-south direction, so that by taking the flight back in Phoenix, to southern Arizona, you could even get to visit the area of Sedona.

And in the opposite direction, if your flight arrived in Los Angeles, you could raise a south-north route, ending the trip visiting the yellowstone national parkand taking the flight back, for example, in Salt lake city.

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

Leave days open on the route

To theplan the route It is obvious that you must have clearly defined the most important milestones of the trip, but it is not necessary to make a complete schedule of each and every day.

Never mindleave some days “open"For later, nowon-site, go concreting the routes.

This will allow you to adapt the trip to your tastes and needs, choosing visits andlooking for hotels on the progress.

Take into account the visiting hours

When making the travel plan, you must take into account the schedules of the visits you plan to do.

If it is a question of monuments or parks with schedule, the habitual thing is that they close at 17 hours, what advises to schedule these visits for the mornings.

Williams on Route 66 in Arizona

In certain national parks, such as Grand Canyon, Monument Valley or Bryce Canyon, you will enjoy the beauty of its landscapes better by doing the sunset visit.

But do not forget that the sunset time changes according to the time of the year in which you make the trips (it is not the same in July than in November !!!).

How much time is needed for west coast activities

If you want to do specific activities in any of the places visited, you must schedule the time required for these activities well, and it may be convenient to book up to a full day for them.

For example, if you are in the Grand Canyon and you want to do the Helicopter tourand also a hiking route wave rafting excursion, that requires you to stay in the area throughout the day.

The best, hire the helicopter for the first thing in the morning or at sunset, and dedicate the rest of the day to the excursion.

Monument Valley on the west coast of the United States

And if you are going to visit, for example, the theme park Hollywood Universal Studios, you must book a full day.

Flights within the United States

Obviously for travel the west coast you will plan to rent a car, but you can also avoid road trips and plan flights to reach certain destinations.

In this regard, a determining factor will be whether or not you like long car trips, and the extent of the west coast area you want to cover.

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California

It will be useful to have information about internal flights that you have, as well as knowing what the companies are low cost most popular and that work best.

Depending on your trip, you will probably have to take an internal connecting flight between two destinations, so we leave you these articles that may interest you.

In our case for example, on one of the trips we rent the car in Seattle and after touring the entire west coast, we made a circular route through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and Monument Valley, to end in Las Vegas.

There we left the car and returned to Portland by plane, where we were going to spend a few extra days.

Here you have some topics that may interest you if you are going to have to book internal flights in the United States.

Low cost airlines for internal flights in the United States

Check internal flights in the United States with Wi-Fi Internet connection

Tips for booking flights

Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Don't pretend to cover too much

And the last tip is not to plan the route trying to cover too much.

In general terms, you must finish the visits and activities at 5:00 p.m., and although you can take the opportunity to continue on the road, although it is not convenient to delay too much arriving at the hotel planned for the night ... and even more if we do not have a previous reservation.

To make the most of your time on your trip along the west coast, it is advisable to get up early every day and, instead, get to the resting place soon.

Rent a car in the United States

For your trip by car on the west coast, here you have practical information that you have to take into account when rent the vehicle.

Keep in mind that you will spend many hours driving, so it is important that your car is comfortable and, above all, that it consumes little, because in the United States cars consume a lot of gasoline.

Rental car in the western United States

In this regard, in its favor, the price of gasoline, which is measured in gallons, is quite cheap compared to European countries.

Do not forget that when you book it you have to add that you are going to leave the state in which you rent it just like if you return it in another one that is not the one of origin, because it has an extra expense.

And in this other article we leave you some tips onhow to make a trip on the West Coast without renting a car

Driving tips for the United States

In addition to the information on the rental itself, it is important that you have some clear concepts when it comes to drive through the United States.

Each country has its peculiarities when you travel on its roads and cities, and the United States was not going to be less.

Here you have useful information with tips for traveling by car and driving in the United States.

Nob Hill in San Francisco

Road motels on the west coast route

The hotel search It is one of the points in which more time is spent in the organization of this trip, although the West Coast It is a very appropriate destination to leave days open during the route to book the hotel on the go.

You have a wide range of hotel establishments, and surely you will frequent those offered by the numerous motel chains.

It is important that the nights you are going to spend in the big cities and around the natural parks are booked in advance.

Beyond that hotels can be more expensive, there are places, especially in the desert, where there is little hotel supply because there are hardly any populations.

On the other hand, there are many others where areas where it is not so necessary to make the reservation before the trip, but you can book on the way.

Motels in the United States

The west coast is riddled with chains of road motels They are very good and are designed for people who travel the west coast by car.

Here you have extensive information with tips for staying in motels in the United States, such a popular accommodation formula in that country, especially when you are doing a car route.

And here you can Search and book the hotel for your trip.

National Parks Annual Pass

If you are going to do one route through the national parks of the western United States, you may find it interesting to acquire the tourist pass known as Annual Pass.

Rate it according to the route you do, but it is important to know the information that we leave here.

Helicopter in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Tours in Spanish on the West Coast

As we have said, a large part of the trip consists of doing different activities, either in the cities or in the national parks.

There are hundreds of options that you have guided tours and activities that you can sign up for, but everyone inside knows what they want to do.

In our case we were very clear about some excursions that we did not want to miss, including when we did the helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Here you have detailed information about Tours and excursions in the United States, where the different areas of the West Coast are included.

Essential visits for a first trip

And as personal advice, if it's the first time you're going totravel to the west coast, I'm going to "get wet" in recommending mytotally essential visits:  San FranciscoHollywoodandUniversal StudiosLas VegasGrand Canyon of the Colorado andMonument Valley.

And in between, many other places ...