The best tips to visit Yellowstone, the geysers park


West Zoom Geiser Basin in Yellowstone @Photo: Pepa Lozano

To make the best of your trip to Yellowstone, in the state of Wyoming, Pepa Lozano, author of the blog Viajes y Vivencias, who has had the opportunity to know this national park, will give us the best tips and recommendations to visit it.

This collaboration of Pepa Lozano It is part of the series of collaborations withtraveler experiences who have visited different places of interest in the United States, specifically sites that I have not had the opportunity to visit yet.

At the beginning of June 2008 we decided to make a trip to the western United States during July of the same year.

Norris Geiser Basin in Yellowstone @Photo: Pepa Lozano

It was a challenge to prepare everything in such a short time, but we decided to try it.

All information in detail

  • How to fly to Yellowstone
  • How to get to Yellowstone by road
  • What to see and do during the visit of Yellowstone

When making the travel plan we were clear about a few things and one of them was that we did not want to stop visit Yellowstone Park.

This was a bit of a mess, because it is not close to any of the sites that are usually visited when traveling to the American West, but since we were relatively close, we did not want to lose the opportunity to visit the mythical park under any circumstances.

You never know if you will return to the area, so better take advantage of the occasion.

After shuffling several possibilities, we saw that the most feasible was to take a internal flight from San Francisco, the first scale of our American journey, until Jackson hole.

Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone @Photo: Pepa Lozano

And once you have visited the park, take another flight from Jackson Hole to Las Vegas to continue visiting natural parks.

The flights saved us a time that later came in handy to invest in seeing as much as possible (we hired them with Delta and they make a stop in Salt Lake City).

How to get to Yellowstone by road

In Jackson hole We had rented a car that we picked up at the airport, from where we left for Yellowstone. There are about two and a half hours of road crossing the Grand Teton Park.

It is a beautiful road, flanked by high mountains still with traces of snow and lots of vegetation.

In those two and a half hours stops along the way are included to enjoy the landscape, but we do not deviate at any time to make any recommended visits in the guides.

When you get to the American parks, you find some checkpoints where the rangers, who welcome you and deliver a kind of newspaper in Spanish with information on what you are going to visit, tips, etc.

Waterfall in Yellowstone Park @Photo: Pepa Lozano

Prices tickets to visit Yellowstone

The entrance to each park cost $ 25 per car (regardless of the number of people going there), but there is a annual pass It costs 80 dollars, which you are interested in buying if you are going to visit more than five parks.

How that was our case, we got one when We visited Muir Woods in San Francisco, so we just had to show the pass and inside.

What to see and do during the visit of Yellowstone

The Yellowstone road-route, and that takes you through most of the places that you have to visit in the park, it has the shape of a huge eight.

Each circle of that eight has a diameter of 40 kilometers.

There are six service areas near the intersections of the park routes, where we will find gas stations, campsites, restaurants and hotels.

How is the Yellowstone volcanic caldera

Yellowstone is located in a huge caldera or volcanic basin,which is what remains of a large volcano that exploded thousands of years ago.

It is, therefore, a hot spot of the earth's crust and that is why many geothermal phenomena can be observed: geysers, hot springs, etc.

What wildlife to see in Yellowstone

This aspect, plus the wildlife that is seen everywhere, bears, bison, elk, squirrels, coyotes, eagles, etc ..., are ingredients for the visit to Yellowstone Be a guaranteed success.

Another aspect that is enjoyed a lot since you enter the park are the landscapes, wonderful, with some rivers and vegetation that invite you to stop the car and sit and have a good time looking at the pictures offered by the park.

In summary, these are the aspects that have impressed me most about the park: geysers, wildlife and landscapes.

What geysers to see in Yellowstone

All visits within YellowstoneI would highlight the Grand Prismatic Spring, the second largest hot spring in the world.

The colors are unreal, from intense turquoise of the water to the orange edges of the edge, a sight to behold.

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The other spectacular stop is the canyon excavated by the Yellowstone River, beautiful, with its yellow rocks to which the park gives its name.

Bisons in the Yellowstone Lamar Valley

And finally, quote the Lamar Valley with its many herds of bison.

Really there's nothing to let us down in Yellowstone.

It is very much enjoyed, and it has impacted us so much, that we will return to spend more days and thus be able to enjoy it more carefully, focusing on going through all the park and its surroundings, because you leave with the feeling that you leave many wonders to see.

The rest of the parks we visited during our trip, Muir Woods, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion ... are reachable in less time, but Yellowstone must be dedicated, from my point of view, a minimum of five days to enjoy everything it offers us.

Text and photos: Pepa Lozano, Travel and Experience blog