5 places to discover on your walk through the Plaza de España


Torre de Madrid skyscraper and Spain building in the Plaza de España in Madrid

When planning what to visit in Madrid, during a tourist trip, on your walk through the city you will surely arrive at the Spain Squareat the end of the Gran Via, and very close to Royal Palace.

Now, what are the corners you should not miss?

Next I indicatewhat to see on your visit to the square of Spain.

Madrid Tower skyscraper in the Plaza de España in Madrid

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What to see in Plaza España

Madrid tower

Of the two historic skyscrapers that you find in the square of Spain, the most spiky, the Madrid tower, it became in the 60s the tallest skyscraper in Europe.

Built from 1954, until 1985 it remained the tallest building in Madrid

Skyscraper Building Spain in the Plaza de España in Madrid

Spain building

Of the above skyscrapers, known as Spain building, which you will recognize by the facade of red bricks, is the first one that was built, in 1953.

With its 25 floors high, it is currently closed and has been recently acquired for its remodeling and construction of a luxurious hotel.

Its characteristic facade that combines the aforementioned red bricks and limestone, and with a neo-baroque style porch, is culturally protected, which has conditioned the sale of the building in a long process.

The image of Spain building framing the bottom of the monument to Cervantes is one of the characteristic images of the city of Madrid.

Cervantes Monument in the Plaza de España in Madrid

Monument to Cervantes in the gardens

The most prominent space of the Madrid square in Madrid It is undoubtedly the one occupied by the central gardens.

And in the center of them you find one of the monuments best known in Madrid, dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes.

He Cervantes Monument, was built in 1916 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of the illustrious writer of The Quijote, which was done counting on the collection made in Spanish-speaking countries.

To highlight in it the statues of Quixote and Sancho Panza, as well as other statues of the most famous work of Cervantes.

Casa Gallardo, modernist building in the Plaza de España in Madrid

Gallardo House

Of the buildings surrounding the gardens of the square of Spain, sure it is known as Gallardo House the one that will surprise you the most for its beautiful architecture.

It is a modernist architectural style building, one of the few examples that exist in Madrid, which was completed in 1915.

Building of the Asturian Mining Company in the Plaza de España in Madrid

Building of the Royal Asturian Mining Company

Right in front of the Gallardo House, and on the way to him Royal Palace, you will see a beautiful building that stands out for its turrets and reddish facade, which originally hosted the Royal Asturian Mining Company.

Built at the end of the 19th century, it is currently the headquarters of one of the departments of the Madrid's community.

Photos plaza Spain

Here you have more Photos of the Plaza de España in Madrid.