This was the visit of Vancouver in Canada


Stanley Park in Vancouver in Canada

After visit the Capilano park, near Vancouver, in this new stage of road trip through the United States and Canada, we finally go to the center downtown from the Canadian city.

In the route of about 30 kilometers, we cross and we we lost through residential neighborhoods with houses and natural and forested environments really beautiful.

Vancouver It is located south of the Pacific coast in Canada, and the name of the city is in honor of Captain George Vancouver, an English explorer.

Gastown docks in Vancouver in Canada

This city is the most important in western Canada, and because of its population, it is the third city in the country, after Toronto and Montreal.

But, above all, Vancouver is reputed to be one of the cities in the world with the highest quality of life.

In our first day in Vancouver, we made a complete tour of downtown downtown, including the dockside area of Gastown, where we could see seaplanes landing and taking off continuously.

We visited with a great hike on Stanley park, the great downtown park of the city, where you will find fantastic trails and a lake surrounded by willows, with many swans, ducks and seagulls, raccoons, turtles, wildlife that moved freely between us during our walk.

Stanley park It has a great natural beauty and transmits feelings of peace and tranquility.

Raccoons in Stanley Park in Vancouver in Canada

Then by car, we walked around the immense bridges that surround the city, which allow you to go to neighboring areas and islands.

We have seen several beaches in paradisiacal environments, with great views of the forests and mountains.

All beaches were very lively.

Vancouver It is located between lakes, islands, sea inlets, calm sea, I think permanent, and we conclude that it is a rich, orderly, friendly city, with lots of entertainment on the streets, many restaurants of all kinds, clean , very multi-ethnic.

Downtown Vancouver in Canada

It is an organized city, in a fantastic natural environment, multicultural, civilized and respectful of people, with large bridges through which to move around the metropolis, suspension bridges, beautiful parks with friendly animals, fountains, sculptures, leisure, beaches. Docks, many seaplanes, bays.

Come on, how to stay and live now !!!

Sitting in a park overlooking the sea (or was it a lake?), We ate some snacks that we bought in a super Small that was close. Fantastic sun all day, clear day, blue, clean.

Upon returning to the hotel we had dinner at Denny's that was next to it, and where, unlike the United States, they did serve beers.

More photos of Vancouver


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